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Create a disruptive, authentic and distinctive brand for Go Natives range of fruit bars and bites


Go Native bars and bites are made using ground breaking methods to lock in all the flavour and all the goodness. There really is nothing else like it on the market. Suitable for health conscious people who care how their food tastes, as well as how good it is for them – Go Native’s market spans the spectrum from elite athletes to busy professionals, right through to kids lunches. Working collaboratively with Go Native we set out to create a brand that expresses both the essence of the brand personality and communicates the products unique and disruptive nature.


A powerful little brand that is surprisingly extensive.

Every element thoughtfully adds to the whole. Building on the tagline Throw Yourself at Life, we created a series of statements to express the brands outgoing/daring personality, and teamed them with photography for more impact. Underpinning the brand messaging is a foundation built from the product itself. The graphic pattern screened onto the packs and breaking into the fruit photography is based on the fundamental building blocks of life – also called the fruit of life. Communicating both the essential nature of the product itself and how it is absorbed into the body. The logo itself can be pared back to a Go Native symbol for an iconic brandmark, identifiable at a glance.

Go Native – Throw yourself at life.


Brand Strategy & Development, Visual ID, Packaging, Website.

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