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An all-natural ice treat to fit everyone’s budget…and freezer.


Rutherford and Meyer are always busy honing their products or coming up with new ones – even when they’re on holiday. One hot summers day, they came up with the idea for a practical, all- natural ice block that could be kept in the pantry and frozen when needed. Back in the office, they started to perfect their recipes – combining natural juices with honey – while we (happily) sampled the test treats and brainstormed names. Frubee was our collective favourite. To appeal to parents and kids alike, we created playful packaging, dripping with natural ingredients. They immediately stood out next to their un-natural competition and the very next summer, they hit the shelves.


Frubees were successfully launched in supermarkets as well as schools, who saw them as a healthy and economic option for their students and sports teams. What was a surprise was that they sold well in summer and winter (especially the lemon and honey) ­– who would have thought?


Enthusiastic taste testers; Product Naming; Package Design; Promotional Launch Material, Art Direction (Photography).

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