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Kapiti Kitchens – A Brand Story Back


To create an external identity for a brand that’s all about what’s on the inside.


Kapiti Kitchen syrups are sublime. In fact, owner Sue Graafland goes to great lengths to make them so. Her syrups are all made by hand in small batches, using only the very best raw ingredients. As they began to branch out into new markets Sue decided they needed to review their brand. They felt their current visual identity and communications – the outside – didn’t reflect the calibre of the product inside the bottle. Our task was to give them a new look that conveyed their philosophy, their New Zealand origins and the exceptional quality of their product.

Collaborating closely with Sue and looking at fresh market insights, we identified Kapiti Kitchen’s correct positioning in the marketplace – what made them stand apart from their peers and what needed to be done to achieve their goals for their brand. We explored many directions combining New Zealand and nature, with flavour and craft. The one we chose is drawn from one of New Zealand’s smallest icons – the Manuka Flower. Manuka is known as a symbol of divine peace, nobility of mind and delicate sensuality. It was the perfect symbol for this brand. We paired it with an organic KK monogram and a classic serif wordmark, to create a modern, yet crafted tone for the brand. The intense quality of the natural flavours are a big part of what makes Kapiti Kitchen’s cordials so good. Gentle watercolour imagery personified the infusion and blending of these natural flavours in our design, and some talented word smithing instilled this into a new signature line and copy.

The result is a crisp and deliciously artistic new Kapiti Kitchen brand. The range has a vibrant presence on the shelf, in stores and in cafes. Online and in print, the tone of their communications now consistently reflects the qualities of Kapiti Kitchen and its very passionate team.


Kapiti Kitchen has recently launched across New Zealand gaining new distribution networks.


Brand Development, Visual ID, Brand Application: Packaging, Print, Website and Social Media.

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