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Embracing Design

I had the pleasure of attending the ‘We Can Create’ design symposium earlier this

year. Two days of local and international speakers left one inspired and energised

to return to base & get creating. There …
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The land of pure quality?

There is nothing like a trip away to shed fresh perspectives on your own life and the country you love and live in.

Time and again while I was travelling, I compared New Zealand …
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Love not war

A while back now, I went to a lunch with speakers. I was particularly keen to hear the international marketing consultant speak. As he marched through his presentation I began to wonder whether …
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Small is the next big thing

OK, this is not some complex that deeply roots itself in my psyche, I’m not a small person, in fact the truth is, I really could do with losing a fair …
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It’s only about branding, honestly

Basking in the short lived but eagerly embraced position of the new boy here at Tardis, I thought the time was perfect for recording all those wide eyed comparisons and insights …
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