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Category: Brand thinking

High Vis Gear – A brand that conditions us to ‘see’ and stereotype

A while back I started thinking about High Visibility gear as a brand – not a named brand but a brand in itself. I started thinking about this after a conversation with a …
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Business Values – Insights from the Pacific

Values and themes, they run through our lives and form the foundations of who we are as people, cultures, companies and brands. They shape our path in life and define who and what …
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Pacific Adventures

In November last year Hels was invited by The Secretary of Pacific Communities to be part of an IACT Forum In Fiji. The main goal of the European Union Funded project is to Increase …
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It’s only about branding, honestly

Basking in the short lived but eagerly embraced position of the new boy here at Tardis, I thought the time was perfect for recording all those wide eyed comparisons and insights …
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Truth and respect, it’s not rocket science

In February I sat in on a presentation by Nigel Greening at the Pinot Noir 2010 conference. He was talking about the sustained success of his winery, and brand, Felton Road – a …
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