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I am beginning where I left off last blog because this statement captures the essence of what was said at ConnectNow in Sydney. Every speaker spoke about the need to return to “human values” rather than “Evil Robot Values” quote Tara Hunt. One even posed the question “Why is it that people forget about humanity and personal feelings as soon as they walk through the company doors? They forget they are talking with people!.”

We mostly work with boutique and medium sized companies and are surrounded by clients who are ever-passionate about what they do and the people they connect with. So the need for this emphasis on humanity was a surprise… shouldn’t this be 101? To those presenting, the obvious lack of human values in the corporate world globally meant they returned to these messages time and again.

Like all great relationships, the brands relationship with its audience is built on trust, respect, love and open conversations – that includes ALL of your communications including online.


Simple and obvious rules but able to be forgotten, let them stand as a constant reminder.

Many great things came out of ConnectNow and I highly recommend you go in 2011 if you have the chance. Big thanks to Siobhan Bulfin, from me, for bringing together such an outstanding group of people. Inspiring and generous every one of them. They shared their knowledge, vision and wisdom and made us realise how small the world really is. They also made us realise everyone can make a difference.

Here are a few great quotes from ConnectNow as well as some key online global trends:

“Any single match can light a fire.” – Katie Chatfield

“Competent people are afraid of change because it makes them less competent.” – Katie Chatfield

“Most Businesses don’t connect with community values.” – Tara Hunt

“Why do we include Evil Robot values over human values? Since when did efficiency become more important than compassion?” – Tara Hunt

“People will support that which they have helped build” – Tara Hunt

“Live in your community, don’t be a visitor”Brian Solis

“This is a thank you economy”Gary Vanyerchuck

“Virtual currency – in the next 24 months facebook currency will rule the world.” – Gary Vanyerchuck

Three Leading Online global trends:

Virtual goods – Apps will define who you are… a new form of status symbols???

Geolocation/communities and apps – Moving people to places. The likes of Foursquare and Gowalla will make a huge difference to local business. Be prepared for a ‘local’ revolution.

Virtual currencies: Facebook has 400 million users – What does that mean to global economies we wonder.

To round things up ConnectNow was focused on Online communication. It should be a truly integrated part of your communications strategy. It is important that you create rules of engagement online. Always treat people the way you want to be treated…. so have you started your love and abhor lists yet?

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