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High Vis Gear – A brand that conditions us to ‘see’ and stereotype

A while back I started thinking about High Visibility gear as a brand – not a named brand but a brand in itself. I started thinking about this after a conversation with a …
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Web Trends – #3 WebApps, website as a tool

#3 WebApps, Website as a tool.

As an interactive medium the web has much to offer. Those wise enough to see it can take advantage of the opportunity to use the web as a …
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Web Design Trends: #2 Long Scrollable Pages

#2 Long Scrollable Pages

Long scrollable pages are becoming  more and more common on the web theses days. Rather than treating a website as a series of pages,  long page design deals in sections …
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Web Design Trends: #1 Immersive Websites

#1. Immersive Websites
The latest HTML5 & javascript inbrowser technology gives website owners the opportunity to create memorable immersive experiences, more easily then ever before. Distinctive sites people feel and experience. The focus is …
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Business Values – Insights from the Pacific

Values and themes, they run through our lives and form the foundations of who we are as people, cultures, companies and brands. They shape our path in life and define who and what …
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Archeus – Vital Living

We’re proud to profile a newly released skincare range, Archeus by Georgina Langdale.

We began working with Georgina at the beginning of this year, conducting an initial brand workshop to establish her brand …
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LCB ‘Pasture to Plate’ Video Release

Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand combines the classic traditions of French cooking with our nations fresh thinking and best ingredients – Le Cordon Bleu have identified that one of their key points of …
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Fruity Success

It was great to see the article on Kapiti Kitchens and Sue Graafland in the latest Life and Leisure magazine. We worked closely with Sue on the rebranding of Kapiti Kitchen. Since its …
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Pacific Adventures

In November last year Hels was invited by The Secretary of Pacific Communities to be part of an IACT Forum In Fiji. The main goal of the European Union Funded project is to Increase …
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Craggy Range Launches the Limited Edition Series

Craggy Range Limited Edition Series was launched last Tuesday with Craggy Range hosting an intimate dinner upstairs at the Roxy Cinema for 18 tastemakers from Australia and New Zealand. This group included wine …
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Farewell & Hello

As we farewelled the lovely Jane Young last week and sent her off into the world of Academia, we welcomed Caro Cole to Tardis as our new Account Manager.

Caro has worked within the …
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Hot off the Tropical Press

Hot Samoan Boy and True Pacific

Woody Allen has stated  ‘70% of success is showing up’… and in this case having the gutsiness to do so.

At the Pacific Forum last week in Rarotonga the …
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Exhibition profiling the Women in Blue

Tardis was recently tasked with the design of an exhibition for the New Zealand Police Museum in Porirua. The Our Days in Black & White exhibition focused on ‘Women Officers of the Ministry of Transport …
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Hospice Wairarapa Official Launch

Yesterday Hospice Wairarapa officially launched its fund raiser led by local wine makers and we were lucky to be there.  Twenty two wineries in all got together to produce 4 wines from four …
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Embracing Design

I had the pleasure of attending the ‘We Can Create’ design symposium earlier this

year. Two days of local and international speakers left one inspired and energised

to return to base & get creating. There …
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The land of pure quality?

There is nothing like a trip away to shed fresh perspectives on your own life and the country you love and live in.

Time and again while I was travelling, I compared New Zealand …
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Love not war

A while back now, I went to a lunch with speakers. I was particularly keen to hear the international marketing consultant speak. As he marched through his presentation I began to wonder whether …
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Small is the next big thing

OK, this is not some complex that deeply roots itself in my psyche, I’m not a small person, in fact the truth is, I really could do with losing a fair …
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It’s only about branding, honestly

Basking in the short lived but eagerly embraced position of the new boy here at Tardis, I thought the time was perfect for recording all those wide eyed comparisons and insights …
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Semi-Permanent 2010

The Semi Permanent 2010 promise of ‘delivering a wealth of creative talent’ certainly delivered on its promise. A big congrats has to go out to producer, Anna Cameron and the Church, who provided …
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Back to humanity

I am beginning where I left off last blog because this statement captures the essence of what was said at ConnectNow in Sydney. Every speaker spoke about the need to return to …
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Truth and respect, it’s not rocket science

In February I sat in on a presentation by Nigel Greening at the Pinot Noir 2010 conference. He was talking about the sustained success of his winery, and brand, Felton Road – a …
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